Congratulations on reaching this momentous time in your life! I feel so honored to be involved in documenting this part of your journey. I hope to meet at a coffee shop or on Zoom 2-3 weeks before your session to learn more about you and create a vision for your session. I’m a life coach so I naturally integrate questions meant to encourage and inspire you. In the meantime, please begin thinking and preparing with the following important tips. Until then, the best way to communicate with me is with an old-fashioned email or occasional text.

What inspires you?

Having your senior photos taken is kind of like… personal branding. Who are you? What kind of person do you want to be known for? And how can we make that show up in your images? A great way to help me understand the vibe you’d like to create in portfolio is for you to create and share a mood board via Pinterest. Include anything from favorite poses you’ve seen, favorite foods, colors, clothing, decor, anything love for no apparent reason, anything! If that’s not your thing, what’s your vibe on social media? Or something else you might like me to know about you? Let’s connect!

What environment do you love to be in?

My photography is primarily done at sunset for the most flattering light. (If shooting indoors, like a studio, home or coffee shop, we may want to consider a midday shoot for the best natural light.) I prefer to photograph in nature because of the way it calms and grounds us. Examples include an open meadow, a local park, colorful Fall leaves, at the beach, in the snow, in the woods or in the city, or even in your own backyard! My preference is always that you find that special place that has meaning or attraction to you personally. What setting do you thrive in?

I’m based in Eden Prairie and open to travel in the TC area. I prefer to shoot in free locations so I don’t have to pass costs down to you. Please note that most public parks require a photographers’ permit which I must purchase in advance, and any cost will be added to the session fee. We will talk more about location during our pre-session visit.

What should I wear?

You may have multiple outfit changes in the Fine Art session. During a 1-2 hour shoot, 2-3 is a good number of outfit changes. The important thing to remember is to dress like you! Phones, wallets and gum show in photos so I will ask you to remove those. Please bring your clothing ironed and on hangers to avoid wrinkles from the drive over. Please refrain from wearing clothing with words (unless it is school letter jackets or spirit wear).

It’s helpful to bring a bag to carry everything you need: shoes, water bottle, make-up for any touch-ups, lip balm, hairbrush, and non-greasy bug spray - it is Minnesota after all!  You may bring hats, jewelry, your pet, sports equipment, an instrument - whatever reflects your interests.

Most importantly, how you feel in your clothing translates through the lens. So if you can’t decide, ask yourself: what clothes makes me feel most comfortable? That’s the one you should wear.

Who can I bring with?

Many Senior come alone. To boost your comfort level, you may bring one other person along. It can be a close friend, a parent or caregiver - whomever you want to help you feel at ease and most like yourself. If you’re not sure you want your mom to come, just let her know I promise to get photos of you laughing and genuine. Some Seniors are more relaxed and natural without a parent nearby. Whatever you decide, I will make sure you feel comfortable being yourself.

Can we do a quick family photo, too?

My senior sessions are meant to celebrate just the senior. I’m happy to take a quick snapshot of you and the special person you bring to the photo shoot. However, if you are looking for family photos, I have two options: check out my Mini Session events or get 40% off a second full session when you book in the same calendar year.

How can I prepare?

My sessions are casual and stress-free. Trust me to guide you through. We will walk around, talk, or play music, if you’d like - while taking photos the whole time. I understand how important it is for you to look your best in your Senior photos. Please, don't worry about posing. I will have prompts prepared. I also know how to anticipate moments so I can capture you naturally, even when you’re not “posing.” Most often I hear seniors comment on how quickly time passed and how they had way more fun than they expected!

Don’t worry about blemishes. I edit so you still look natural but removing any noticeable acne, lightening eyes and teeth. The photos will look like the beautiful person you are! I’ve had people show up with bleeding razor cuts… and you’d never tell. ;)

For the gals, check out model Heather Banie who provides some excellent tips on YouTube: How To Master Modeling Poses: LOOK GOOD IN EVERY PIC! For the guys, check out this video if you wanna get some ideas on how you might like to pose: POSING FOR MEN WHO AREN'T MODELS...but you still wanna lewk cute

When can we expect the photos to be ready?

Color-corrected images will be sent to you via email in an online gallery approximately 3 weeks after your session (up to 4 weeks if your session was done in my busy season, August-October.) Your online gallery will be open for 30 days after delivery. For Senior sessions, you can select a handful of your favorite images (depending on your package) to send me for further retouching. (These "favorites" would be the ones you know you’ll use in the yearbook, for your senior card or other printed materials.) I can up to another 5-7 days for me to retouch them (especially in the fall) so the sooner you so the sooner you get them to me, the sooner I can get them back to you! :)

Please do not screenshot your gallery or share images I have not approved for downloading; do not edit or alter photos after you download them. If there is something you want changed, just ask.

Can you send the yearbook photo in for me?

No problem! Just let me know which photo you would like for your yearbook along with the deadline, requirements, contact info and how you’d like it cropped. (Please note that extreme crops can result in lower quality images. I shoot wide to allow for some cropping, however, it’s best not to “zoom in” too much and to pick a photo that does not need a lot of cropping.)

So, what should I do in the meantime?

I will reach out to set up a time to connect 2-3 weeks before our session. In the meantime, here’s a few things to think about:

  • Sending me a mood board via Pinterest, your social media account, anything that let’s me know more about the vibe you want to achieve.
  • Start thinking about a setting you thrive in. (We’ll talk about it at our planning session….)
  • It is completely normal for feel uncomfortable in front of a professional camera. I’ll help and also, get to know your body, and start practicing posture in the mirror in advance.
  • Start noticing in which clothes you feel most stylish and comfortable.
  • Connect with Pam on Instagram (below)

Thank you for choosing me for your senior photos! If you have any more questions, need wardrobe advice, or anything at all, feel free to email me. See you soon!