What to Expect

I typically begin by photographing the entire family together, and then move into other combinations such as just the kids, each sibling, and the parents together. If time allows, I will prompt you into some lifestyle photos.

When photographing with young children, here are a few things to keep in mind for a successful mini session:

  • Children are intuitive. They can sense any expectations their parents have about their performance at the session. This energy translates through the lens. That is why is it so important to prepare yourself first, and then the children, for a joyful experience that goes with the flow. I've been photographing families for many years, and know you, the parents, are the magic!

  • Looking at the camera is not required. If your child just isn’t feeling it please know that I can often capture “glances at the camera” without your child knowing. In this case, I will often ask parents to try tickles, cuddles, air tosses, and running through trees. I provide prompts and creative posing as we go with the flow. With me, looking at the camera is not required to capture the love and joy in your family.

What should we wear!?

I hope when you look at your photos you think less of how you look - and MORE about how much you love your family. That being said, I do have a few tips:

  • Do wear neutrals! Colors that photograph well are burgundy, navy, deep purple, jewel tones, pastels, gray or navy (rather than black), and creams (rather than white). Consider wearing colors that help you stand out from the background. For example, avoid solid greens if you are photographing outdoors in a green setting, like the tree farm.
  • Avoid the entire family wearing the same color. Mix up brights, darks, textures, and patterns for interest. Use contrasting colors to your clothes. It looks much more attractive in photos than going matchy-matchy. Layering is always great!
  • Do wear attractive but solid footwear that you can feel secure walking through snow, uneven terrain and are comfortable.
  • Avoid stark solid colors like a classic red or orange, fushia pink, or mustard yellow, especially next to the face, as they can cast unnatural light that discolors skin tones. However, feel free to use these colors as “pops” or underneath layers, just not as the main event. Other ways to use such color accents are bold pieces of jewelry, blankets, hair bows, mittens, fun shoes, etc.
  • Do wear what you already feel comfortable in! (No need to buy a whole new wardrobe.)
  • If you have children in diapers (and you care about diapers showing in images) please consider a photograph-able diaper cover. For candid photos that often involve movement, these small details are super helpful. It is also helpful for young ones to wear shorts or leggings underneath skirts or dresses.
  • Remove ALL items from your pockets (yes, guys, even your back pockets).
  • No chewing gum or snacks, please.

What should we bring?

Overall, I don't provide props for mini sessions. However, you are welcome to bring items that are meaningful to you, for example, holiday tree ornaments or a favorite stuffy. It can be helpful to bring a blanket can be useful for sitting photos. Other helpful items to consider are activating some hand warmers for pockets, tissues or wipes for any runny noses or anything to help with staying comfortable. If applicable, applying bug spray, especially for photos in fields and long grasses, can prove valuable as well.

I hope this Mini Session Prep guide is helpful in your preparations! As always, I'm available by email should you have any questions before our session!