Hello, nice to meet you.

You can call me "Pam." (She/her)

In 2011, I was a young(er) mom with nothing more than a basic camera living in the chaos and joy of four little ones. With my natural entrepreneurial spirit, I launched what would become a successful photography business while living in International Falls, MN. In 2015, our family moved to the Cities, and my work in photography continued.

For several years, weddings were my forte. I traveled, was published in places like Minnesota Bride, and wrote for Cake & Whiskey Magazine. I loved it all. However, as my children grew, I realized I found more joy in less glittery spaces. It was in documenting the journey of families —the ordinary, the raw, and the "everyday" that gave meaning to my work. In working with you, I bring more than just a camera - I bring my heart.

If found in a leisurely moment, you might find me at a bookstore drinking coffee, enjoying conversations with my children, or sitting around a fire sipping bourbon. I find solace in spirituality, meaningful conversations, and learning about people. I'm a Virgo, HSP, and Ennneagram 9. While always up for an adventure, I gravitate toward most toward the familiarity of home.

I hold certification as an ICF Accredited Life Coach and am Enneagram-trained by Jerry Wagner. I'm currently a full-time graduate student, focusing on Marriage and Family Therapy. Moreover, I'm fellow human practicing being present to this one, wild and precious life.

“That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”