How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.

- Annie Dillard


my philosophy

It is often the everyday moments we take for granted that create the most beautiful memories; your grandparents still holding hands 40 years later, the anticipating of meeting your baby or the way you and your new spouse exchange secret glances throughout your wedding day, wishing it would last forever.

As a story teller, these authentic images are what I strive for. It's through taking time to create genuine friendships and connections that enable me to document these moments and make you feel relaxed and carefree in front of my camera so you can be your natural selves, content and overflowing with happiness.


My love story

I met my husband at a wedding of mutual friends in Waukesha, WI. I, a resident Canadian college student; he, from Ely, the wedding singer in the mustard yellow VW, who borrowed my guitar. After 9 months of telephone calls, letters, road trips and so much laughter we realized life would be much more fun together. He proposed with a stunning heirloom ring from his grandmother. We exchanged our written vows at a small church in remote northern Minnesota, and celebrated with friends and family in a cozy, candlelit lodge in Ely while Van Morrison played, and large snowflakes danced in the November sky outside. 17 years, 7 moves, and 4 kids later we find doing life side-by-side really is the best adventure of all.


Laying in a tent on a quiet lake as the loons call in the distance. My children giggling together. Family couch cuddling, all six of us, with all the blankets and pillows, a great movie and cat playing nearby. Quiet fall mornings with good books and steaming cups of coffee. The smell of sawdust as we renovate, and learn to live minimally in our 1600 sqft home. Road trips to my home in Canada by way of northern MN, two places my heart will always be. Creating spaces for connection over a vat of soup, wine and cheese board, or conversation at our backyard fire. Watching my brides meet their grooms on their wedding day at first look. Genuine, joyful laughter frozen in photographs.