DO YOU travel?

Absolutely!  Travel for portrait sessions is included in all sessions within a 10 mile radius of Eden Prairie, MN.  Additional travel is calculated at the current government mile up to 250 miles round trip.

We also travel for weddings!  Wherever your love takes you, we are passport ready.



I will send you a password to view our wedding info when you send us a message via our CONTACT link.  I'm looking forward to hearing all the details!


do we get the copyrights?

A Lifetime Print Release is included after a minimum print purchase requeiment of $50. Clients are able to print images for personal use, and as gifts for friends + relatives.


How far in advance should we book our portraits?

For portraits, 2-3 weeks in advance is best. Summer is our favorite season with evening sunsets, glowing tans, sundresses + bare feet, lush greens + kid-friendly weather.  Fall is our busiest season as it provides gorgeous colors; make sure to book in advance or subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned about our fall family mini session events! 


Can we snap a quick family picture?

Yes!  Our Mini Session Events are designed especially for quick portraits.  Please note that any sessions booked outside of our designated Mini Session dates will be charged at our full portrait rate, even if all you need is a snapshot.  Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to so you won't miss out on our discounted portraits events!



There are two styles of newborn photography: posed / studio or lifestyle. A storyteller at heart, my art is to capture + document the real-life events, situations, or milestones in the everyday. Please see our Lifestyle Gallery for what to expect; or message me personally for more details.


Where do you recommend ordering prints?

You know the feeling when the muddy dog walks on your floors right after you scrubbed them? After our careful work in post-process to ensure excellent color we are grateful when you choose our professional lab in order to avoid "muddy foot prints." Although you are free to print where you wish, I would suggest staying away from generic large box stores such as Target, Walmart, Costco, and Shutterfly due to the inconsistency and (frightening) skin-tone results we have seen. If you are investing in a professional photography make sure to also invest in professional print results.


do you only photograph outdoors?

Nothing inspires me more than the natural elements; it is where my art thrives.  However, we photograph wherever natural light is available.  Should you have an indoor location in mind, e.i. your home, simply shoot me an e-mail.


when can we expect our photos?

For portraits, expect a 2-3 week turnaround for your images to be post-processed before they are ready for download through your private online gallery.