Your choice of setting, whether it's a tranquil natural spot, the intimacy of home, or an urban backdrop, profoundly influences your photo's narrative.

The right location blends aesthetics and emotions, enhancing your family's personality and dynamics for authentic, captivating photos. Familiar places ease children into genuine moments, while new environments spark adventure and wonder.

Location elevates your family's love and uniqueness, turning snapshots into enduring memories. However, whether it's a classic or unexpected locale, remember that location is just the backdrop; the focus of the story is the people and relationships - you and your family.

It’s important to know that a session with me means we will be “in” the elements. Please prepare to walk through grass, hike through uneven terrain, run into the occasional grasshopper, have wind in your hair, and maybe even get a little dirty. If you are familiar with my portfolio, you know my favorite locations are in nature, especially prairies. I prefer minimal backgrounds and plenty of room for play at any camera angle, especially for families. Wide-open rustic spaces also provide a visually warm background, and for sunsets to show up in the background.

I prefer if clients can find a location that suits their preferences. Here are a few suggestions in the St. Paul-Minneapolis areas:

A Private Residence

Photographing outside your home or private residence is a meaningful option. (During the winter months, in-home lifestyle sessions are a wonderful option.)

Favorite Grasses Locations

Bunker-Hills Regional Park - 550 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover, MN

Tall grasses in the fall, oak trees

Shultz Lake Beach at Lebanon Hill Regional Park - 860 Cliff Rd, Eagan, MN

Versatile location with woods, prairies, beach, hills

William O’Brien State Park - 16821 O'Brien Trail N, Marine on St Croix, MN

Tall grasses summer and into the late fall; potential for stunning fall colors

If you know of other locations that offer open spaces and tall grass photography, please suggest them to me.

Many of my clients ask about my bluff photos. Unfortunately, the city of Eden Prairie no longer permits photography in the bluffs. However, there is a location in the bluffs in which photography is allowed although it is rustic and suited best for those who are comfortable with uneven terrain. On location, there is some graffiti, glass, and litter as it has, quite unfortunately, become uncared for by the airport over the years. This does not appear in images, and I still love photographing here as it is a stunning area, however, it may not be for everyone. If you are open to this location, please email me for directions.

Seasonal Locations

Hansen Tree Farm - Summer, Fall & Winter (may require an additional $50 per hour booking fee)

7440 Alpine Dr, Anoka, MN

Evergreens, grasses, and sometimes fires for warming around (as the temps drop). I also do Mini Sessions here.

Aamodt’s Apple Orchard - Spring Blooms & Fall Apples (free)

6428 Manning Avenue, Stillwater, MN

A fun place for all ages with cider, wine, playground, goats, and wandering about the apple trees. I also do Mini Sessions here.


Birch Island Park - 6225 Eden Prairie Rd, Eden Prairie, MN

Very quiet, simple park with some native grasses, trees & quiet play park for kids.

Bush Lake Park - 9098 E Bush Lake Rd, Bloomington, MN 55438

Beach, willow trees, park area, fishing pier

Ritter Farm Park - 19300 Ritter Trail, Lakeville, MN 55044

Fall color, trees, trails, open native grass area

Eloise Butler Wildlife Sanctuary - 1 Theodore Wirth Pkwy Minneapolis, MN 55405

Garden and bird sanctuary, bright mid-summer blooms!

Jeffer’s Pond Park - near Jeffer’s Elementary, Prior Lake, MN

Quiet, peaceful area with pond, trails, trees, dock and nature scenes - some walking required

Classic Locations

Mill City Ruins - 102 Portland Ave. S Minneapolis, MN

Popular for Senior photos & engagements

Minnehaha Regional Park - 4801 S Minnehaha Drive Minneapolis, MN

Formal gardens, or rustic prairie grasses, stairs and structures

Father Hennepin Bluff Park - 420 Main St. SE Minneapolis, MN

The park offers direct access to footpaths and bridges that display a unique view of the Mississippi Gorge, the downtown skyline, and the Stone Arch Bridge.

Boom Island Park - 724 Sibley St. NE, Minneapolis, MN

Wide open green space, bridge, and views of the City Skyline


Noerenberg Gardens - 2854-2992 N Shore Dr, Orono, MN

Formal gardens with view of Lake Minnetonka (reservations required 2 weeks in advance)

Charles H. Burwell House - 13209 E McGinty Rd E, Minnetonka, MN

Gardens, wildflowers, small stream (best for dipping our toes). Very popular with photographers so best when booked on a M-Th.

Lyndale Peace Park Rock Garden - 4124 Roseway Road, Minneapolis, MN

Best when flowers are in full bloom (spring, early summer)

Downtown Vibes

Wayzata, MN

Stillwater, MN

Hudson, WI

Minneapolis Arts District

For the Adventurous at Heart

The Quarry Park and Nature Preserve

1802 County Road 137 Waite Park, MN 56387

Best for couples only, high school seniors or families with older children

Lake Pepin

Stockholm, WI

Fall drive! Explore the river on the 700-foot stone pier.

Superior Entry Lighthouse

Superior, WI

Miles of south shore beach with Duluth in the background

Frontenac State Park

29223 County 28 Boulevard Frontenac, MN 55026

Fall colors!!

Anywhere in Bluff Country, the South or North Shore… or anywhere you want to travel.

Thank you for taking the lead. Please let me know your desired location option at least 2 weeks prior to our session. I can’t wait to meet you there!