What Your Photographer Can't See

 Photo by  Drew Hays  on  Unsplash

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

I may never have met you.
But I already believe something about you.


My baby belly?
That huge zit?
My recent weight gain?
Those new wrinkles?
Urgh, even with my double chin?

Photographers have a problem.
We can't help but NOT see all the beautiful things about you!  

A photographer friend recently confined in me about a photo session she'd just delivered to couple. Feeling truly proud of the results it surprised her to learn the female client felt otherwise. The client felt she looked "huge" in her photos, and asked my friend to remove all photos of the session from social media sites. For the record, this particular couple was truly stunning. I mean, magazine material. When we hear you hate your photos because you perceive some flaw in yourself... it's hard to accept. As Photographers, our hearts are all tied up in our work. It gets messy for us. Our standards are deeper than skin; and we hope you'll see what we see.

The way your eyes shine when he looks at you.
The joy that exudes from when you're laughing with your children.

I know. It's hard to trust a photographer. But remember, it's natural for us to see your best qualities, not your worst. Sure, it's perfectly fine if you let us know that you have a new zit, or that you have a "better side", or that you're feeling a bit self-conscious about your recent weight gain. I do consider those things while I photograph. (I get it!) But what matters is not that you looked your picture perfect best but that the story of love, intimacy and relationship were forever captured for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

You're beautiful.
And you're even more beautiful when you're enjoying the loved ones you're being photographed next to.

Relax and be confident - we see you through only the most beautiful lens.


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