In all that comes with raising a family, working and the never ending to-do lists, there was still time for laughs, kisses, and snuggles. During our session, these parents were simply present with their kids. There was no “cheese” with natural interactions and unposed moments.

Children are often conditioned to say “cheese” when they see a camera. Parents who help the photographer with more candid photos interact playfully with their children. Laugh, play, tickle and snuggle - this is how real moments are captured. Not everyone has to look at the camera. In fact, kids seem to prefer that as well. When parents just smile and look lovingly at their kids they get REAL photos… like these. It was so refreshing to hear this dad say cheerfully to his kids’, “hey, you ready to take some more fun pictures?!” The fun just kept going… it was so great!

Thank you, K Family, for another great year of capturing your family. It is a joy - and every time we just get better at this! I love these photos of your beautiful family, and hope you do, too.

- Pam