I am a fan of the tween years. But perhaps I’m biased because I am in that stage of parenting - and am loving this season of life. One (of the many) things I loved about this session was that their mom allowed her girls to dress themselves. I felt this contributed to photos that brought out much of their individual personalities! Also, these tough girls were SUCH troppers as it was one of the first VERY cold days of our early Minnesota fall. (But then again, they are from my old stomping grounds in northern Minnesota so I shouldn’t have expected less!)

Building lasting, authentic relationships with my clients is important to me as a photographer. I believe images only get better when you have a photographer you “click” with. (Yes, that was a terrible pun.) Having photographed these girls since they were small they have a good flow down of what an outdoor lifestyle session looks like. And we always have a LOT of fun when we’re together!

Here are a few of my favorites from our session in Bloomington. Enjoy!

Each year mom requests photos of the twins together. And when these two are in the same frame… things get goofy. (And I love it… EVERY TIME.) These girls took a break from dance for a while but are back at it with their big, lovable personalities!