In the Wild of Flowers

Getting to know my families, even before we get out the camera, is hugely important to me.  As I learned about Nicole and her family, I couldn't wait to meet them in person. One of the questions I like to ask my families is what they want their children to remember from their childhood.  Nicole wrote:

"That Sawyer was able to explore and figure things out for himself, that he was loved and protected
but free to enjoy our world." 

For Mike + Nicole, family truly is everything. Together, they treasure simple times at home, local culture + food, as well as grand adventures and travel.  It was my joy + honor to spend the evening documenting their sweet family as they transition from three to four this August.  I loved the little spontaneous moments, like Sawyer wanting to kiss his mom when he saw daddy kissing her + picking wildflowers for mama's hair....

Thank you, Mike + Nicole, for a delightful evening.  And thank you for sharing this wonderful family quote:  Nothing is worth sharing like the love that let us share our names. - Avett Bros