I was just starting out my photography career when Cal’s mom asked me to take their family photos. I remember being excited and nervous for this important new gig! I fell in love with this family and have been honored to photograph many of their life’s big events since. Now, it’s Cal’s turn.

I met Cal (for the first time in years) at a coffee shop with his mom to talk about his hopes and dreams for post graduation, as well as our session. He imagines he’ll take some time to travel and see the country. And for his session he wanted a location that fit his style… urban, a bit edgy, non-conformist…. so we decided on the iconic Mill City Ruins in Minneapolis. We had the most gorgeous weather, and a glorious golden hour which did not disappoint. And neither did Cal’s good-natured attitude and smile… mostly brought on because he was laughing at us. :)

Thanks, Cal, for being so great to work with! (And mom, too!) Here are a few of my favorites from our session a few weeks ago . . . .

Thanks, Cal. You were so great to hang out with. (And of course, your mom, too.) :)


P.S. I noticed that Mill City Ruins is a popular place for photographers to photograph clients. However, I was MOST shocked at how many photographers looked like they couldn’t be more bored out of their minds!? What impression does it leave with your client? If you’re a photographer reading this and you’re not having all out FUN with your clients…. you don’t know what you’re missing! Wait… unless maybe I just have the best clients. You know… that’s entirely what it is. I HAVE THE BEST CLIENTS!!