July, and under warm air and hazy skies, Jesse + Joey committed to sharing the rest of their lives together on Lake Bemidji, directly across the lake from Bemidji State University where they first met. With a dreamy pastel color palette, and blend of rustic and vintage DIY details, their lakeside beach wedding was nothing but pretty... romantic... and joyful.  Surrounded by friends and family from their home countries of both Canada and America, Joey + Jessie pledged their forever love to another another.

Jessie + Joey let the day take its natural course, taking in the day with strides, as it should be. The sweet, subtle glances between them throughout the day spoke of a deep, knowing kind of love. 

Joey grew up in Manitoba, my home province, and Jessie in northern Minnesota, where I met and married my husband. For this reason, their love resonated with me personally even as I worked. After the wedding they moved to Winnipeg where they make their home together.

Joey and Jessie, thank you for allowing me the honor of sharing a beautiful day.  Your friends were a riot and your family, some of the very sweetest I've ever met.  I'm cheering you on as you journey together!  Thank you both for being amazing. xo!

From the Bride:

"We met at Bemidji State University where Joey and his friend John were the “hockey guys” that moved in with friends of mine.  My sister’s still boyfriend was pretty insistent that I give Joey a chance and definitely deserves the credit for getting us together!  Joey was pretty much the guy from the other side of the tracks, literally, except from the other side of the border!  We really didn’t expect much to come of our first couple dates, just that we enjoyed spending time together and knew he was moving back to Canada in a couple weeks!  He invited me to come to his sister’s wedding that summer with him and from there on, kept making the 6 hour trip back and forth, taking turns every other month to visit each other!  That started our 2 year long-distance relationship, until I graduated and was lucky enough to get a good job, working visa and move up to Winnipeg!  The love part definitely caught us by surprise... I think we both realized it when he moved to Texas to play hockey that fall and we didn’t see each other for over 3 months, it made us realize how important we were to each other!"