Engaged! Dan + Jamie

"Nice" and "handsome" were two of the words Jamie described about her fiance, Dan, when I first met Jamie over coffee to talk about her wedding. She tells me their little baby boy, B, gets all the "good stuff" from his dad. :) Jamie knew Dan's parents before she met him. It wasn't until he showed up at her favorite bar that her heart leaped, and a friendship began. Love came easily and then, a proposal. While Dan was preparing their place with rose petals and a spaghetti dinner for the big "ask" he had no idea she was on her way home from work earlier than normal. She still said yes (of course) and told me she thought it was sweet that he was more nervous than usual. I got to meet their son at a family mini session last fall. But this weekend, Dan and Jamie were able to take some time away from being parents and enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful summer evening in Minnetonka to celebrate their love. I can already tell their wedding in August is going to be a blast!  I can't wait. Here are a few of my favorites from our session. Enjoy.