Gabby's brown eyes sparkled as she gushed about her fiance, Mike, while her new ring glittered in the light of the coffee shop window. I didn't get a chance to meet Mike until a week before the wedding.  But after spending an entire wedding day documenting them interact it is clear why she couldn't wait to marry her him.  Her laughter.... his smiling glances... they clearly have a unspoken connection and sweet contentedness together.  Isn't this, after all, why we marry our best friends?

In spite of a rainy day, Michael and Gabrielle's downtown Chaska, MN wedding was a simple and beautiful celebration.  After getting ready at the Grandstays Hotel the groom, Mike, headed downtown to await his bride at the park for a few quiet moments together.  And although their outdoor wedding was brought indoors, the scent of real eucalyptus as table decor, the soft glow of white candles and a ceremony in front of the fireplace made for the romantic wedding atmosphere Gabby anticipated. Post-ceremony, the bridal party walked over to Cy's Bar and Grill for celebratory drinks.  (And for the record, this bridal party was a riot to hang out with and knew how to have a good time.)  And at the end of the day, they escaped the throngs of guests for a few moments of quiet on the dock... hand-in-hand, bare foot and happy.  The sun finally peeked out behind the rain clouds as if to bless them on their new journey ahead.

Thank you, Mike and Gabby, for being wonderful (and fun) to work with.  I wish you both the BEST in the adventure head and look forward to our paths crossing in the near future.  xo!

The journey to find true love ends.
The journey to cherish true love begins.

- Indian proverb