After a long winter, it was refreshing to spend the afternoon breathing in the fresh spring air + hiking the bluffs just outside of Rochester alongside Ben + Eemai.

For Ben + Eemai, being outdoors is second nature.  They are adventurers who value simplicity + family, especially their little girl.  Together, they enjoy hiking which is why they picked this stunning spot just outside of Rochester to story their love.  Familiar with the terrain, they showed me their favorite spots. It was well worth the hike up to the peak which overlooked the bluffs.  And just in time for sunset, too. 

It's an honor to be their photographer at they get married at Barns of Old Glory, just outside of Rochester, MN, where they will celebrate pledge their love overlooking the bluffs of the Whitewater River with friends and family at their side.  I cannot wait! - Pamela

We are honored to have Ben + Eemai's engagement session featured at BASIC INVITE.