It's not often I'm escorted by a small boat to photograph a wedding on a lake in northern Minnesota. But that is exactly how I, and their wedding guests, arrived at Norway Island on a day that would prove to be enchanting.

Jayme + Khue met at a social gathering the summer leading into their high school senior year, and a friendship naturally ignited.  As they began spending time together - going on walks, watching favorite shows, hanging out with friends + family, cooking, and spending time outdoors - their relationship grew.  So, instead of drifting apart, which is often natural after high school graduation, their relationship only flourished, and led up to a wedding proposal.

Upon arrival to Norway Island, I was in love. The island had a main cabin and a few smaller rustic cabins, all built generations ago by family.  All the buildings are connected with paths covered rusty colored pine needles surrounded with lush green pine trees.  Interestingly, Jayme's mother and father were also married on Rainy Lake, but on another island.  I loved listening and learning about the history on the island, especially of Don Johnson, Jayme's recently deceased grandpa who wrote The Wit and Wisdom of Don A. Johnson, a collection of stories, some of which happened right here on this island. Such a feeling of nostalgia here....

Jayme and Khue, I still can't believe that somehow the stars aligned and I was able to be story your most beautiful wedding day.  The joy, beauty and most of all the love that seemed to circle over Norway Island moved me, and is something I will forget.  Blessings to you both on your amazing adventure! - Pamela

Ceremony and Reception Site: Norway Island, MN
Bridesmaid Dresses: Macy's
Formalwear: Men's Wearhouse
Flowers: Wholesale (DIY)
Musicians: Dorkham See
Hair and Makeup Artist: Saa See
Cake: Jill Sakhitab
Caterer: Jill Sakhitab
Videography: Derek Loftus