In the Autumn Leaves

If you're like me, living in Minnesota right now, you are savoring every one of these warm fall days before the snow flies!  Every day I tell my kids, "Go outside!  Today is the LAST, NICE day!" At this point, they are practically rolling their eyes, "Mom, you keep saying that but there's always another nice day!?"  Thank goodness because I'm loving the opportunities to photograph outdoors, and meet amazing families, like these:

She was almost too much for the camera to handle at 18 months old with an amazing head of golden brown curls, glowing personality, and the cutest smile ever! For Mom + Dad, making the effort to capture their family together meant their daughter had photos to remind her always how loved she is!

On a typical Saturday the three of them love to snuggle in bed, read books, play with their puppy, Lucy, + dance in their kitchen while making breakfast. Lately, they have been enjoying the outdoors like going to pumpkin patches, orchards, the beach and discovering new parks. In fact, we found a picturesque little park near their new home in Eden Prairie perfect their family photos! Although there were a few toddler tumbles, tears and no desire to sit still (which is all very natural, and perfectly fine with me) it's when parents let go, laugh and continue enjoying their child that family pictures turn out amazingly. Way to go, N Family!  Thank you for the honor of getting to know your family, and the opportunity to capture your love for each other.